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A short guide to Tokenisation

At Visa we are constantly innovating to find new ways and places to use your card.

Security is at the heart of everything we do which is why we launched tokenisation to support today’s mobile payments and tomorrow’s consumer technology.

Tokenisation creates a set of numbers that is used to substitute your card information.

And when you make a purchase in app or in store your card details are not exposed.

Instead the secure token is used.

Tokens are secure because they can be...

Device Specific

(A unique token is created for every device from a single account)

Retailer Specific

(Tokens can be created for specific retailers)

Use Specific

(For example, a token created for contactless use cannot be used online)

If your mobile device is lost or stolen you can cancel the token immediately without cancelling the card.

You can still make payments using your card or other devices.

And if your card is lost or stolen the same applies.

“By 2020, more than a quarter of a billion people are expected to embrace mobile payments, driving $130 billion spent using mobile devices.”

Strategy Analytics

Visa is the beating heart of payments — always focused on today’s needs with tomorrow in mind.