Receiving payments

Accepting Visa can help you drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring payment is fast, secure and convenient.

With more than three billion Visa cardholders worldwide, accepting Visa can make a big difference to your business.

We're committed to making it as easy and cost-effective as possible for you to receive payments, whether it’s from individuals, other businesses or public sector organisations.

Millions of businesses around Europe have already discovered the benefits of accepting Visa. Whether you sell direct to consumers or supply goods and services to businesses, you can benefit from accepting Visa card payments as follows:

  • Increased revenue: Customers who shop with Visa are not limited by the cash in their wallets. As numerous studies show, payment cards are not only more convenient they may also lead to fewer lost sales and bigger purchases - the average Visa payment in Europe is currently €58.

  • Speedier service: Card payments rival the speed of cash, leading to shorter queues, faster service and happier customers. And with Visa payWave, accepting Visa is getting even quicker.

  • Lower overheads: Accepting Visa reduces the costs and risks involved in handling cash, and can help break your cash dependence.

  • Prompt payment: Visa payments are automatically processed by your acquiring bank, who credits your account accordingly.

  • Exclusive sponsorships: Visa sponsors big name events, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and can help bring these events and promotions to your store. More about Visa sponsorships and promotions

  • Global reach: With more than three billion Visa cardholders worldwide, Visa is a powerful tool for attracting new customers from around the world.

Getting started

Accepting Visa can help you drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring payment is fast, secure and convenient.

To sign up to accept Visa, you'll first need to contact a bank or organisation that offers card acceptance services. This is usually known as an acquiring bank.

Choosing an acquiring bank and account

Often the main bank or organisation that handles your business account may offer these services and it may be quicker and more convenient to check with them first. Otherwise there are many acquiring banks to choose from. Once you have chosen an acquiring bank you will need to identify the type of account that works best for you.

Cross-border acquiring

If your business operates in more than one European country, you can avoid the complexity and expense of setting up contracts with acquiring banks for each country by choosing a cross-border acquirer.

Cross-border acquirers are banks or organisations that enable you to accept Visa cards in up to 34 European countries - with a single contract.

The benefits of cross-border acquiring are:

Streamlined operations: This type of centralised acquiring means there is no need for separate terms of business, separate settlement periods and complicated behind-the-scenes reconciliation. It streamlines your operations and saves you administrative costs.

Increased choice:Using a cross-border acquirer means you can choose an acquiring bank outside your domestic market – giving you more choice and commercial freedom. This could be particularly useful if you need an acquiring bank with specialist services or expertise that you can’t find in your own market.

More information

Contact your acquiring bank to find out more about cross-border acquiring services.