Marketing Solutions - Opt out

How to opt-out

In some countries, Visa enhances Card Transaction Data and uses it to generate anonymized and aggregated consumer spending and marketing reports and other data products that enable companies to improve their marketing efforts. These solutions help companies identify consumers that they can target. For example, a marketing report may show that consumers in one ZIP code tend to spend more at auto parts stores than consumers in other ZIP codes. These products also help companies determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Visa’s marketing solutions do not contain any Personal Information, but they do allow companies to enhance their own consumer files with intelligence to support targeted marketing.

If you do not want us to use your Card Transaction Data in Visa marketing solutions, click here to learn about how you can opt out.

Limitations of this opt-out

If you choose to exercise this anonymous marketing opt-out, it will only impact our use of data from your registered card number in Visa's anonymous marketing initiatives. This opt-out will not stop our use of data in other aspects of Visa's business, such as:

  • Processing transactions
  • Risk and fraud prevention
  • Maintenance and development of our systems
  • Reporting on the state of our business
  • Designing and operating our other products and services, or
  • Providing information to card issuers, acquiring institutions and other Visa system stakeholders such as merchants and co-branded card partners.

In addition, this opt-out will not affect any of your preferences or the choices provided to you by the financial institution issuing your card. Please contact your financial institution if you want to change your preferences or choices regarding its use of your information.

How to maintain your opt-out choice

Because card numbers are not unique to you and may be reused, your opt-out will be honored for a period of five years. After the five year period, if your card number has not changed, you will need to resubmit your card number. If your card account number changes for any reason and you want to have your new card number registered for this marketing opt-out, you will need to submit the new card number. To opt out, please click here.