Wagamama signs up to V.me by Visa

Restaurant chain joins 4,000 merchants now using V.me by Visa to give customers a fast and safe online shopping experience

London, 12 February 2014: Visa Europe and WorldPay today announced that wagamama customers will soon be able to make purchases online using the V.me by Visa digital wallet service.

wagamama, the pan-asian restaurant chain, has over 100 restaurants in the UK. In addition to restaurant dining, wagamama also offers take-out services available via phone, online, in person and, more recently, via the wagamama iPhone app. Customers buying online will now be able to pay quickly and easily using V.me by Visa.

UK consumers spend £3,488 online with Visa every second at UK-based merchants, totalling £110 billion in the year to September 2013, according to figures from Visa Europe. V.me by Visa, the digital wallet service developed by Visa Europe, offers consumers simple, secure online payments. It is designed to further increase consumers’ confidence in shopping online by enabling them to make purchases without sharing their card details with the retailer.

Richard Tallboy, Director of Business Development, wagamama, said: “The launch of V.me by Visa marks an important development to our ecommerce platform. Our customers are increasingly ordering their wagamama take-out online and we are confident that V.me by Visa offers complete reassurance that payments are handled safely and securely. As consumers become ever reliant on their “digital wallets”, we feel it is important to be partnering with an established and trusted brand like Visa. It is essential to us that our loyal customers enjoy a hassle-free and seamless take-out experience.”

Wendy Martin, Director, V.me by Visa, Visa Europe, said: “We are delighted that wagamama has chosen to become one of more than 4,000 merchants who accept V.me by Visa today. The explosion of smartphones and tablets has changed the face of commerce, and V.me by Visa allows merchants of all sizes to take advantage of the multi-channel opportunities this creates, offering a safe, secure service with a pan-European reach.”

An in-depth new report by WorldPay, providing global insight into alternative payment methods, found that by 2017, online payments via e-wallets such as V.me by Visa will equal credit and debit cards in popularity. Floris de Kort CEO, WorldPay’s e-commerce division, said: "Shoppers are increasingly demanding more payment options; as an early adopter of V.me, wagamama is gaining an edge over competitors by ensuring it is ready for this shift in consumer purchasing behaviour"

V.me by Visa began its phased launch in November 2013, with Nationwide Building Society the first issuer to offer the service in the UK. Other major issuers will launch soon.

About V.me by Visa

V.me by Visa is a pan-European digital wallet service developed by Visa Europe. It makes online shopping simple and secure by removing the need for consumers to enter their card numbers, expiry dates and other personal details every time they make a purchase with an online retailer. V.me by Visa is designed to deliver an improved and streamlined online shopping experience. The V.me by Visa digital wallet can be accessed through the internet browser on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The service will be made available through Visa Europe’s issuing members and consumers will be able to put any card from a major scheme into the wallet, regardless of the card issuer or payment scheme.

About Visa Europe

Visa Europe is a payments technology business owned and operated by member banks and other payment service providers from 37 countries across Europe.

Visa Europe works at the forefront of technology to create the services and infrastructure which enable millions of European consumers, businesses and governments to make electronic payments. It is not a credit card company, almost 80% of its business is on debit cards, and its members are responsible for issuing cards, signing up retailers and deciding cardholder and retailer fees.

Visa Europe operates a high volume, low cost business model that provides services to its members. Its surplus is reinvested into the business and used to improve capital and reserves. In the last six years, Visa Europe has invested over €1 billion in new technology and infrastructure.

There are 470m Visa cards in Europe while €1 in every €6.75 spent in Europe is on a Visa card. Almost 80% of Visa Europe's business is on debit cards and, in the year to December 2012, over €1 trillion (1.05tr) was spent on Visa debit cards. Annual online spending on Visa cards in Europe topped €200 billion (€212bn) for the first time in this period and now accounts for more than 20% of Visa Europe’s processed business.

Since 2004, Visa Europe has been independent of Visa Inc. and incorporated in the UK, with an exclusive, irrevocable and perpetual licence in Europe. Both companies work in partnership to enable global Visa payments. As a dedicated European payment system Visa Europe is able to respond quickly to the specific market needs of European banks and their customers - cardholders and retailers - and to meet the European Commission’s objective to create a true internal market for payments.

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