Flow Faster campaign launched in 19 countries

Consumers can “flow faster” with Visa’s new ways to pay

London, 31 May 2013: Visa Europe will launch its latest communications campaign in 19 European countries from the 1st June, with focus markets including the UK, France, Poland, Spain, Italy and Germany.

In the six years since the landmark Life Flows Better with Visa campaign first launched, spending on Visa cards in Europe has grown from accounting for €1 in €9 to €1 in every €6.75 of all European expenditure – an increase from €883bn to €1.3tn. During that time Visa has seen its brand equity reach a historic peak and the recently published 2013 Brand Z study saw Visa become one of the world’s top ten most valuable brands for the first time.

Visa has also become a leading force in online, mobile and contactless payments and by 2012 online spending on Visa cards in Europe topped €200 billion for the first time, a 16% growth on the previous year.

As Visa has evolved from a card-oriented business to become a technology leader, the communications campaign has created a consistent and inspirational platform for driving consumer awareness and uptake of new payments services. Innovation sits at the heart of the new Flow campaign, which introduces and informs consumers about new services, aiming to build confidence in their use. The campaign focuses on how consumers feel when they use Visa – secure, confident and agile – and encourages them to take their next steps in the new world of payments, making their lives easier, faster and more nimble.

The campaign uses a multi channel approach including extensive TV, digital and out-of-home elements, and will reach around 300 million adults across Europe.

Overall the campaign has three objectives:

  • To raise awareness of and confidence in Visa’s new payment technologies, inspiring consumers to use contactless, mobile and online payments services
  • To build brand equity for Visa
  • To drive Visa’s innovation credentials

The campaign encourages card holders to think beyond their traditional payment methods, whether that means paying for things in a new way using Visa or trialing new technologies such as contactless, mobile and ecommerce payments. Each market’s campaign is being designed to reflect the deployment of new payment technologies in that country.

Mariano Dima, Chief Marketing Officer at Visa Europe, said:

“Visa is offering consumers a range of new ways to pay and the campaign celebrates the ease of our payment innovations – wherever you are and however you want to pay. The new Flow campaign is about the positive feelings that are created by using these new products and services and in the TV ad we dramatise this by showing how an old man becomes not only faster and more agile through their use but also more youthful as he rushes to celebrate the birth of his grandchild. With the Flow campaign we’ve had a consistent approach to our communications for over five years which we know consumers have liked and we hope the new work is as well received as our previous campaigns. ”

*Launch dates vary in France, Israel and Switzerland.

About Visa Europe

Visa Europe is a payments technology business owned and operated by member banks and other payment service providers from 36 countries across Europe.

Visa Europe works at the forefront of technology to create the services and infrastructure which enable millions of European consumers, businesses and governments to make electronic payments. Its members are responsible for issuing cards, signing up retailers and deciding cardholder and retailer fees.

Visa Europe operates a high volume, low cost business model that provides services to its members. Its surplus is reinvested into the business and used to improve capital and reserves. In the last six years, Visa Europe has invested over €1 billion in new technology and infrastructure.

Since 2004, Visa Europe has been independent of Visa Inc. and incorporated in the UK, with an exclusive, irrevocable and perpetual licence in Europe. Both companies work in partnership to enable global Visa payments. As a dedicated European payment system Visa Europe is able to respond quickly to the specific market needs of European banks and their customers - cardholders and retailers - and to meet the European Commission’s objective to create a true internal market for payments.

For more information, visit www.visaeurope.com