European Partnership with AirRefund

  • Following a successful pilot in France, Visa has expanded its partnership with AirRefund to all European Visa accountholders
  • Travellers who purchase a flight ticket with their Visa card will benefit from lower fees in the event of a successful claim when using the AirRefund service
  • Accountholders will also have the option to make a donation from the compensation awarded

06 April 2017 – Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) – As part of its commitment to offering the best service to its travelling accountholders, Visa has partnered with AirRefund, an air-claim management company. Acting on behalf of passengers, AirRefund ensures they are eligible and compensated when they suffer from flight disruptions (cancellation, overbooking, or delays of more than three hours) as governed by EU Regulation Nº 261/2004*.

Hence, the partnership enables all Visa accountholders who have purchased flights with their Visa card to benefit from a quicker and easier process as well as lower fees upon the successful outcome of their claim. The AirRefund standard commission of 30% of compensation awarded is reduced to 20% if the flight was purchased with a Visa Gold, Platinum or Infinite card, and 25% if the flight was purchased with any other Visa card. Cardholders making successful claims will also have the option to make a donation1 from the compensation awarded.

In France, where the service was piloted in 2016, AirRefund processed over €3 million of potential claims on behalf of Visa accountholders. AirRefund reported2 high traveller satisfaction with 4.6/5 average satisfaction on the overall customer’s experience and 9.3/10 on likely being recommended to a friend or a colleague. In Spain, Italy and Portugal, the service is now live. AirRefund is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian through a dedicated microsite.

Mike Lemberger, Senior Vice President, Products & Solutions Europe at Visa, explains: “According to a recent Visa study3 there will be a significant increase in international travel by households globally over the next decade. The study estimates that roughly 282 million households will plan at least one international trip per year by 2025, up nearly 35 per cent from 2015. It is therefore critical for Visa to ensure our accountholders are always well-protected and benefit from the best services available in case they face any issue during their journey.

1In France, the charity is « Médecins Sans Frontières » and in the rest of Europe it is « Save the Children »

2AirRefund survey on passenger service experience

3“Mapping the future of global travel and tourism”, 2016,

“Using a Visa card is the smart way to ensure spending on holiday is just one less thing to worry about. Visa cards are accepted at millions of merchants’ locations and ATMs across the world, so you can benefit from the convenience, security and value of using your Visa card abroad just as you would at home”, continues Lemberger.

Christophe Drezet, AirRefund’s Partner for Travel & Mobility Business Unit, says: “This partnership illustrates the agility of an established global brand like Visa, they have showed open-mindedness and a great ability to work with a much smaller partner to reinforce its service portfolio to the exclusive benefit of its accountholders.

“We are proud to serve the customers of a leading brand, I believe that we share common values, among which the focus on the end-user experience and excellence of service, that will lead this partnership to a broader success in new territories”.

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About AirRefund
AirRefund is the leading global specialist in claims management for air transport related disruptions on behalf of passengers. AirRefund assists air passengers identify and understand their rights amongst all applicable laws, international conventions and regulations whilst assisting to enforce them. With offices in Switzerland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, AirRefund is the fastest growing European start-up in this sector and is proud to deliver its premium service and expertise in 5 languages, using innovative technology to protect both, individuals and professionals, around the world.