Contactless Visa at German Shell stations

Frankfurt am Main, 7 June 2013: From Spring 2014 Shell will introduce contactless and mobile payments with Visa at all Shell petrol stations in Germany. Shell customers will be able to pay indoors at all 2,200 Shell petrol stations in Germany in a fast and convenient way with their contactless Visa card, or a NFC compatible smartphone. This also includes payments with contactless V PAY debit cards. The changeover to new contactless terminals will be completed by early summer of 2014. For contactless payments, cardholders simply hold their contactless Visa card or smartphone in front of the terminal. Up to an amount of €25 customers can pay contactless or mobile without entering a PIN or providing a signature; for higher value payments, the cardholder authorizes the transaction with his PIN or signature. This new, customer-friendly service allows Shell to prevent queues at the check-out. Especially the purchase of low-value goods at highly frequented petrol stations can be processed in a much quicker way.

“Shell stations not only offer high quality fuel, but also products for daily use. In the near future, our customers will be able to pay with Visa contactless cards in a convenient, fast and easy way when buying petrol as well as coffee, drinks, snacks or magazines. Thereby, queues at the counter will be shorter and our service quality will further increase“, says Jörg Wienke, Head of Shell’s Retail business in Germany.

In Europe, 59 million contactless Visa cards have been issued to consumers. Since 2007 the infrastructure for contactless payments with Visa in Europe has been continuously extended. Ottmar Bloching, General Manager of Visa Europe in Germany, sees a big potential for the German market: “This is a huge step forward for the acceptance of contactless and mobile payments with Visa in Germany. We are convinced that many customers at Shell petrol stations will make use of this new service and profit from it.”

Contactless payments with Visa are based on the Visa payWave technology, which has been implemented in the new generation terminals that Shell is introducing. The acceptance will be enabled by the acquirer Barclays. “Our experience with contactless cards and smartphones in the UK market shows that customers value this way of paying, and we’re happy to contribute to the success of this payment evolution in the German market, together with such strong partners as Shell and Visa”, said Paulette Rowe, Managing Director of Barclaycard Global Payment Acceptance

About contactless payments with Visa

Contactless payments with Visa use the communication technology Near Field Communication (NFC). Transactions are processed based on the secure EMV standard. The Visa software for contactless payments is called Visa payWave. It can be used for contactless as well as mobile payments, which is convenient for both cardholders and merchants.

There are more than 59 million contactless Visa cards across Europe. Cards can be used at more than 853,000 contactless terminals across the region. Visa Europe expects that in 2013 approximately 70 Million contactless cards will be in circulation. In Germany, seven banks have issued more than 800,000 Visa contactless cards to date: BW-Bank, comdirect, DKB, LandesBank Berlin, TARGOBANK, Volkswagen Bank and Postbank. By the end of this year, there will be around two million contactless Visa cards in the German market.

Especially in market segments where customers buy small goods, merchants profit from contactless payments with Visa as the terminal processes the transaction very quickly. Contactless payments offer merchants the opportunity to reduce queues at the counter and increase customer satisfaction.

Visa contactless debit and credit cards are ready for use and do not need to be charged in advance. Every card holder receives a detailed overview of his purchases with his monthly statement. This way he has full control of the payments. In addition, contactless cards can be used internationally.

About Shell Retail

Shell is the largest branded global network and is the number one preferred brand in our sector. There are approximately 43,000 Shell branded retail sites operating in more than 80 countries, selling around 158 billion litres of fuel annually. Approximately 500,000 people work on Shell branded Retail sites where more than ten million customer transactions are processed every day.

About Visa Europe

Visa Europe is a payments technology business owned and operated by member banks and other payment service providers from 36 countries across Europe.

Visa Europe works at the forefront of technology to create the services and infrastructure which enable millions of European consumers, businesses and governments to make electronic payments. Its members are responsible for issuing cards, signing up retailers and deciding cardholder and retailer fees.

Visa Europe operates a high volume, low cost business model that provides services to its members. Its surplus is reinvested into the business and used to improve capital and reserves. In the last six years, Visa Europe has invested over €1 billion in new technology and infrastructure.

Since 2004, Visa Europe has been independent of Visa Inc. and incorporated in the UK, with an exclusive, irrevocable and perpetual licence in Europe. Both companies work in partnership to enable global Visa payments. As a dedicated European payment system Visa Europe is able to respond quickly to the specific market needs of European banks and their customers - cardholders and retailers - and to meet the European Commission’s objective to create a true internal market for payments.

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