Black Friday set to become biggest online shopping day of the year

Friday 28th November will see £360,000 spent every minute, or £6,000 every second, on Visa cards

  • 8.5m online transactions will take place, up 22% on 2013
  • Online shopping will peak between 19.00 – 20.00
  • Retailers will capitalise on last year’s “breakout” Black Friday to throw full weight behind it and create a Cyber Weekend
  • Over £1 in every £3 in the UK is spent on a Visa card, making this data the most reliable indicator of trends in consumer spending

London, November 2014:The UK’s love affair with online shopping will reach a new high on Friday 28th November 2014 – Black Friday – when it is predicted that £518m will be spent on Visa cards, making it the biggest day for e-commerce in UK history. Visa Europe predicts that online transactions will top 8.5 million on the day, up 22% on 2013.

Black Friday will be followed by £500m spent online on 1st December – also known as Mega Monday. In total, the UK will experience a £1.7 billion Cyber Weekend with a record 31 million online transactions predicted. As with Black Friday, Mega Monday will see transactions peak in the evening as shoppers go online after returning from work, or increasingly shop on their smartphones on the commute home.

A promotions phenomenon that originated in the USA, Black Friday took a significant leap forward in the UK in 2013. In 2014, retailers look set to build on it further, extending the UK’s annual e-commerce peak over a full weekend.

Visa bases its predictions on up to the minute spending data and previous years’ Christmas spending trends. Over £1 in every £3 in the UK is spent on a Visa card, making this data the most reliable indicator of trends in consumer spending.

Kevin Jenkins, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Visa Europe, said:

“Black Friday has become the UK’s biggest online shopping day and we’re forecasting £518m to be spent this year. Following a jump last year, retailers are making a bigger Friday push this time around.

“At the same time, Mega Monday, which used to be the biggest online shopping day, will reach its own new high this year, surpassing £500m. Altogether, we are looking at a £1.7bn Cyber Weekend.

“This year is also likely to see continued growth in shopping via tablets and smartphones, with commuters using the journey home to shop for their loved ones. Overall, online shopping now accounts for more than 25% of spend with Visa in the UK, signifying the confidence that consumers have in the security of online payments and in the delivery of goods.”

As Cyber Weekend approaches, Visa Europe is also providing tips for consumers to stay safe while shopping online:

  • Use your Visa card – using Visa means you can benefit from Visa’s cardholder protection which means that your bank may be able to help get your money back if:

  • A transaction is fraudulent (you didn’t do it or authorise it)
  • The merchant doesn’t honour their terms and agreement
  • Never enter your PIN number to a website if asked to do so. You will normally be asked for your card number, expiry date and CVV2 (number on the back of card)
  • Use your Verified by Visa passcode if prompted to do so rather than opting out or using an alternate retailer that does not provide secure authentication
  • Visa will never contact you directly after a purchase, or at any time. Our relationship is solely with your bank who will only contact you through the way in which they contact you
  • Inform your bank straight away if you see any item on your statement you don’t recognise
  • Shop with retailers you know about, or research them first to ensure they are reputable and reliable

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Visa Europe works at the forefront of technology to create the services and infrastructure which enable millions of European consumers, businesses and governments to make electronic payments. Its members are responsible for issuing cards, signing up retailers and deciding cardholder and retailer fees.

Visa Europe operates a high volume, low cost business model that provides services to its members. Its surplus is reinvested into the business and used to improve capital and reserves.

There are 500m Visa cards in Europe, while €1 in every €6.50 spent in Europe is on a Visa card. In the year to September 2013, total expenditure on Visa cards reached €2 trillion, while point-of-sale spend increased by 8.5% to €1.4 trillion. Annual online spending on Visa cards continues to grow (20% year-on-year) and now stands at €240bn.

Since 2004, Visa Europe has been independent of Visa Inc. and incorporated in the UK, with an exclusive, irrevocable and perpetual licence in Europe. Both companies work in partnership to enable global Visa payments. As a dedicated European payment system Visa Europe is able to respond quickly to the specific market needs of European banks and their customers - cardholders and retailers - and to meet the European Commission’s objective to create a true internal market for payments.

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