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Visa’s Tokenisation technology is enabling Europe's payments industry to create a new generation of digital payment experiences while protecting consumers’ sensitive information from fraud. With consumers across Europe now increasingly expecting seamless payment through their mobile’s and other connected devices, Visa's Payment Token Service provides three essential tools to help card issuers and other industry participants to meet the demand.

Our Tokenisation technology keeps payment details safe by substituting them for a unique digital token that can be used to make online an in-store mobile transactions, acting as a digital stand-in for your Visa card. When consumers make a payment in app or in store using a digital token from Visa, their card details are not exposed. Learn more about how Tokenisation works.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Visa Mobile Contactless mobile transactions are leading us towards the next wave of digital payments, with Visa’s Payment Tokenisation technology making them simple and secure to access and to use.

With Near Field Communication (NFC) technology now increasingly ubiquitous on the smartphones we use each day, and over 3.2m million Visa contactless terminals in stores across Europe, secure mobile purchases are as easy as a simple wave of your hand.

Apple Pay

Enjoy all the benefits of your Visa card using Apple Pay - an easy, secure and private way to pay with a simple touch using compatible iOS devices.

Learn more here:

Visa with Apple Pay in France
Visa with Apple Pay in Switzerland
Visa with Apple Pay in the UK

Google Pay

Google Pay offers a safe and easy way to pay with your Visa card – using almost any Android device. Learn more.

Card Issuer Apps

Card issuers across Europe can now use our token service to embed contactless payment features into their own mobile banking or standalone apps running on the Android OS. A range of Integrator Partners are also working with Visa and are on hand to help out with on-boarding to the Payment Token Service, mobile app development, testing and launch.

eCommerce Solutions

Visa’s digital payment solutions are making it easier for cardholders to pay online using a secure, simplified process that quickly moves customers from cart to conversion.  These solutions remove many of the pain points in the checkout process, making it faster and easier for consumers to buy online.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses and consumers, even whole cities will interact through connected devices. Incredible new payment opportunities are opening up across all kinds of these connected devices - from wearables and clothing, to connected cars, home appliances and even city infrastructure. Makers of these devices can now bring secure payments to life across the Internet of Things using Visa’s Payment Tokenisation Service and a wide range of partnerships we are opening up to enable Connected Commerce around the world. Makers of these devices can now bring secure payments to life across the Internet of Things using Visa’s Payment Tokenisation Services and take advantage of a wide range of partnerships we are opening up to enable Connected Commerce around the world.


Wearable devices with contactless payment technology from Visa are enabling consumers across Europe to leave their wallets at home and enjoy convenient and secure payments with frictionless verification of their transactions. Read more about Wearables on Visa Vision.

Other connected devices

Visa technology is making secure payments easy and accessible from almost any device with an internet connection. For technology companies and device manufacturers who want to offer secure and seamless payment solutions, Visa has expanded its global Visa Ready Program to certify and secure payment experiences for the Internet of Things.

mobile payments

Payment Tokenisation – A unified platform for digital payments

Visa’s Payment Token Service is a complete, fully integrated set of tools enabling easy, flexible and secure issuance and management of token payment credentials across the latest digital payment solutions.

Token Management

  • Service Enrolment: Card issuers can enrol and configure digital credit and debit products into the token service
  • Provisioning: Deliver tokens to authorise mobile payment solutions and internet-connected devices for payment
  • Lifecycle Management: Quickly and easily suspend, resume or delete tokens in the payment network and on devices without needing to issue a replacement physical Visa product
  • Active Key Management: Card issuers can access and managed security and control parameters including domain restrictions on tokens, limiting their use to a specific merchant, device, transaction type of channel
  • Card Art and Metadata Manager: Allowing card issuers to manage the card data and art presented to consumers through their favourite payment services and retailers.
  • Reporting: Analyse and gain insights from performance metrics and operational performance.
  • API's: A range of tools and documentation is available to develop applications that integrate directly with token management services.

Get started Today with Visa’s Digital Enablement Program

Visa’s Digital Enablement Program offers a commercial framework which makes it simple for card issuers and technology companies to connect and provide digital payment options to cardholders.

  • Fast and easy integration
  • Connect quickly and easily with no need for multiple technology integrations
  • A Simple and scalable framework
  • Drive growth in digital payments through a simple, scalable framework with absolutely no pass-through fees
  • Robust protections
  • Powerful combination of security and consumer data protections

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