The Visa Europe Processing business provides its customers with access to the unrivalled processing capability of the global Visa network. The 24x7 processing service is proven in terms of speed, reliability and security.

Processing manages the switching of payments instructions between card issuers and payments acquirers with authorisations and payment clearing and settlement services across the Visa network. Processing enables domestic and international transactions of card-based payments made at the physical point-of-sale (POS) or ATM, and continually innovates to drive and facilitate the increasing trend of consumers and merchants towards e- and m-commerce. To maintain our position at the heart of the payments ecosystem, we strive to continue developing our processing capability, by collaborating with partners and incorporating developments in technology to provide the fastest route to market for many in the payments industry.

As well as access to this expertise, customers of Visa Europe Processing can benefit from market-leading global innovations and associated value added services such as Stand-In Processing and Real Time Scoring. These help provide valuable tools for maintaining service and combatting fraud respectively, ultimately to make the payment experience seamless for end users such as merchants and cardholders.

Visa Europe Processing takes security extremely seriously and continues to invest heavily in multiple layers of cyber and data security. Close monitoring ensures that there is capacity for the growing number of payment and non-payment data seen through the network year on year.

Success in numbers:

  • The Visa Europe network has maintained 100% availability of our systems for more than 100 months in a row
  • In 2015, Processing recorded 18.9 billion transactions, peaking in excess of 2,000 transactions per second in the pre-Christmas period, while once again achieving exemplary service levels and standards for authorised and cleared transactions at 99.999%

Operating in a highly competitive market, Visa Europe Processing operates an efficient business focused on continuing to deliver reliable, secure and fast services that provide the platform for global, competitive and innovative payments and data services.

Our Code of Conduct helps us understand our roles and responsibilities in the context of this new structure, no matter which business unit we are part of. It helps ensure individual and organisational compliance as we continue to deliver new and exciting products and services quickly and at scale.