Business Innovation

Visa Europe’s business innovation unit creates and increases revenue opportunities through the expansion of our network through new products, services and customers.

Our products and services leverage our global reach to deliver scale benefits in a digital world, enabling Visa payments to be embedded within emerging payment experiences. We do this through our work with new customers including merchants, global disruptors, fintech companies and other non-financial institutions. Examples include our cutting-edge payment services Visa Tokenisation, Visa Direct and Visa Checkout, as well Data services concerning loyalty, insights and analytics.

Our approach to innovation is customer-centric, focussed on co-creating solutions to real problems for mutual benefit. We work in partnership with companies at the forefront of the digital transformation in financial services, bringing our payments knowledge, global scale and capabilities to deliver innovation, create new revenue opportunities and drive scalable benefits for Visa and our customers.

Our Code of Conduct helps us understand our roles and responsibilities in the context of this new structure, no matter which business unit we are part of. It helps ensure individual and organisational compliance as we continue to deliver new and exciting products and services quickly and at scale.