Interchange Fees

Intra Visa Europe interchange fees - European Economic Area (EEA)

Rates applicable to Visa Europe transactions where both the card is issued and the merchant outlet is located within the EEA.

EEA interchange fees (PDF)

Interchange fees by country

Select a country below to view the relevant interchange reimbursement fees:

Cross-border Domestic Interchange Programme (PDF 0.3MB)

Austria (PDF 0.3MB)

Belgium (PDF 0.2MB)

Bulgaria (PDF 0.2MB)

Croatia (PDF 0.2MB)

Cyprus (PDF 0.3MB)

Czech Republic (PDF 0.2MB)

Estonia (PDF 0.2MB)

Finland (PDF 0.3MB)

France (PDF 0.2MB)

Germany (PDF 0.2MB)

Greece (PDF 0.3MB)

Hungary (PDF 0.1MB)

Iceland (PDF 0.2MB)

Ireland (PDF 0.3MB)

Italy (PDF 0.3MB)

Latvia (PDF 0.2MB)

Liechtenstein (PDF 0.2MB)

Lithuania (PDF 0.2MB)

Luxembourg (PDF 0.3MB)

Malta (PDF 0.2MB)

Netherlands (PDF 0.2MB)

Norway (PDF 0.3MB)

Poland (PDF 0.3MB)

Portugal (PDF 0.2MB)

Romania(PDF 0.3MB)

Slovakia(PDF 0.2MB)

Slovenia(PDF 0.3MB)

Spain (PDF 0.3MB)

Sweden (PDF 0.2MB)

Switzerland (PDF 0.2MB)

United Kingdom(PDF 0.3MB)

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