Accept payments on your mobile

Turning a mobile phone into a card payment terminal makes getting paid even easier and more affordable anywhere and for all types of businesses.

Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is a convenient, cost-effective way to turn a smartphone or tablet into a secure card terminal.

Great - however you trade

It’s ideal for small businesses, trading at markets, festivals or at their customers’ homes without a fixed connection. mPOS brings all the benefits of accepting cards – and on a mobile device. This includes better cash flow, less payment-related admin, plus the potential for fewer lost sales and bigger purchases.

But mPOS is not just for small businesses, trading with no fixed location. Existing store-based retailers can also make payment mobile in-store with ‘queue-busting’ devices at busy times (e.g. lunchtimes, weekends). Provide customers a better shopping experience by allowing them to pay right outside the changing room.

mPOS can also give retailers a fully integrated payment system (with links to inventory management and reporting systems) as opposed to just a payment terminal.

Retailers who offer home delivery or use field forces can also benefit from mPOS outside of the store environment.

Find out more

Many mPOS solutions are available with different pricing options to suit your business. It doesn’t matter whether you already have a card terminal, or have never had one. Contact your bank or service provider to find out how to start trading via mobile devices.