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1 Billion Visa contactless journeys in London

Visa and TfL introduced contactless payments to one of the world’s most visited cities. 11 million unique Visa cards from 100 diff¬erent countries were used to travel around London in the last year alone. Now, 100 cities are working to follow London’s lead.

Mobile money takes off

Mobile banking is becoming second nature to European consumers with online banking being the most popular digital payments activity.

What do European Mobile Payments users look like?

We surveyed more than 36,000 online consumers in 19 European countries, and the results reveal just how dramatically consumer adoption of digital payments has shifted in the last 12 months.

What do European Mobile Payments users look like?View web version (1,082 KB)

Unblocking E-commerce

The European Commission has unveiled proposals to address geo-blocking, with measures to remove unjustified barriers to online cross border trade. Tackling unjustified geo-blocking will help consumers across the EU to reap the benefits of e-commerce.

Tokenisation and the Internet of Things

Visa’s Tokenisation technology is enabling payment on connected devices, with streamlined and secure new payment experiences. Visa Tokenisation will help cardholders feel more confident about using their mobile and other devices for everyday payment.

Verified by Visa, the best solution for e/m-commerce:

To ensure e/m-commerce continues to grow, payment solutions need to strike the right balance between convenience and security. In the UK, Verified by Visa’s risk-based approach to authentication has significantly improved the consumer experience and resulted in far fewer abandoned transactions, without compromising on security.


The way we pay has changed, moving away from cash and credit to new services on mobile. Visa is at the forefront of new ways to protect consumers’ data and keep it safe. That’s why we have developed a global tokenisation platform to reduce the impact of fraud.