UK e-commerce business

Over a quarter of all spend with Visa at UK merchants is now online. This new animated infographic illustrates the growth of e-commerce, which showed £100bn spent online with Visa in the past year.


Keeping payments secure for more than 50 years

Nothing is more important to Visa Europe than keeping our payment system secure. See how it all started 50 years ago and how we are future-proofing to ensure security is balanced with convenience.


Slovakia: a nation moving ahead

Contactless use has reached a critical tipping point in Slovakia, with the highest contactless card penetration in Europe. This video explores how Slovakia came to be our hero market for contactless and mobile payments. For more information, please visit


Building trust and making a difference to society

At Visa Europe being a successful business goes hand in hand with being a good corporate citizen. By making payments faster, simpler and safer we are supporting and strengthening the economy. But we want to do more, and we've made sure that community activities like fundraising and volunteering are central to our culture.
Our corporate responsibility initiatives are driven by an ambition to support the economy and protect and empower young people. It all supports our vision to be the world's most trusted currency. For more information please visit


Peter Ayliffe introduces Visa Europe's Annual Report 2012

Peter Ayliffe, Visa Europe's President and CEO, introduces the 2012 Annual Report. For more information, please visit


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