Visa contactless payments is a fast, convenient and secure way to pay for low-cost items and get on with your day. It's ideal for places where we usually spend small amounts on items – places such as fast food outlets, supermarkets, convenience and express stores, cafes, newsagents, buses, trains and parking machines.

Whenever you see this indicator mark displayed in retailers you can pay using your Visa payWave card.

Transactions are made using a new type of Visa debit or credit card. A tiny antenna is embedded in the card, which communicates with the payment terminal, and completes a payment in less than a second.

The card looks and works just like your existing chip and PIN card, but it has a contactless indicator mark to show that it can also be used for quick Visa contactless transactions.

Visa contactless payments are being made across Europe, 65 million contactless cards have been issued and there are over a million terminals.