Visa contactless payments is the easiest way to pay because of the four main benefits it offers cardholders – it’s fast, convenient, safe and accepted worldwide.


Payments are completed in less than a second using Visa contactless payments, and means no more fumbling for the right notes or coins or waiting for change – just quick, hassle-free transactions.


Visa contactless payments is becoming a standard feature on normal debit and credit cards. It’s easy to use; simply place the card in front of the reader and everything’s done.


Visa contactless payements means you may never be short changed again. Instead, payment instructions are securely exchanged between the card and the terminal using the highest level of cryptography.

As an additional security measure, each card has a preset cap or limit for Visa contactless transactions, which is automatically reset to zero whenever a standard chip and PIN transaction is conducted.

Also, Visa contactless payments can only be used for lower-value transactions – less than €20 (or a local market equivalent, eg £20 in the UK). For bigger purchases, a normal chip and PIN transaction becomes necessary.

Accepted worldwide

Every card that’s capable of making Visa contactless transactions features a distinctive contactless symbol. Your card will soon be accepted for Visa contactless transactions wherever you see the symbol – at home or around the world.


Of course, you can still use your card for normal chip and PIN or magnetic stripe transactions wherever you see the Visa sign – at approximately 24 million locations worldwide.