Pay regularly

It’s now more convenient than ever to pay your bills by card. Regular or recurring payments on Visa are easy to set up. Then it’s done. You know the retailer will get paid as agreed and on time.

You use Visa for one-off payments in shops.  But what about paying your regular mobile phone or gym membership subscriptions, utility bills or insurance premiums with Visa?

Did you know that you can set up regular or recurring payments direct from any type of Visa card account?

Well, you can.

Setting up a regular payment

Using Visa is easier than having to provide your bank account details to suppliers, or writing and mailing cheques.  And having more payments connected to the same Visa card also helps to track expenses and manage household budgeting.

You can set up regular Visa payments directly with the retailer or merchant, usually on their website but also in person, by telephone or post.

The small print

Your contract with the supplier

Paying by Visa does not change your contract with the supplier.  If you have signed up for a 12 month gym membership, you may still be liable for the full 12 months if you cancel your membership early.

Variable payments

The amount debited from your Visa card may vary, depending on the terms and conditions of the contract. For pay-per-use services (e.g. utility bills or pay-per-view cable subscriptions), regular payments on Visa removes the hassle-factor and gives you uninterrupted service.

Visa Account Updater service (VAU)

For Visa cardholders in Greece, Ireland, Italy and the UK there is another bonus to making regular payments on Visa.

Visa banks use the VAU to ensure that selected regular payment suppliers have the most up-to-date card details before they attempt to bill your card.

This means that if your Visa card is lost, stolen or upgraded, selected suppliers can continue to provide your goods or services without interruption.

! Important information

  • No personal information is stored on the Visa Account Updater
  • Card details are only available to Visa member banks and selected regular payment suppliers
  • Card details are not used for any other purpose
  • Only merchants with whom you have set up a recurring payment can receive updates if they subscribe to the service

Cancelling a regular payment

If you have a query or wish to cancel a regular payment, please contact the supplier first of all.

If you have cancelled a regular payment but it still appears on your statement, please contact your card issuer.  Visa Europe’s payment rules provide protection for cardholders when they have cancelled a regular payment but continue to be billed.

To find out more

Ask suppliers and your card issuer about making regular payments on Visa.

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