Pay later

Visa credit cards offer control and flexibility for managing your money, as well as a safety net for unexpected payments.

Visa Europe offers three options to pay later – the credit card, charge card or deferred debit card.

With a credit or charge card, you can spend up to a maximum limit, which you can pay off in full at the end of the month, or choose to spread out your payments for an extra cost in interest and fees.

Using a deferred debit card, you pay the amount spent at the end of the month, without paying any interest.

Visa credit card products offer a number of benefits:

  • Repayments can be spread over a period of time, so you can adapt your outgoings to make changes in your monthly financial position
  • The extended period between purchase and repayment provides reassurance when using your card in unfamiliar environments, for example, when you’re abroad or buying online
  • The diverse number of available card programmes means you can find the credit card best suited to your needs – features include loyalty reward schemes, cash back, air miles, retailer offers or simply a low interest rate.

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