About Visa

About Visa

We are the European payment system, wholly owned, controlled and operated by our members – banks and other payment service providers, from 37 countries across Europe.

We provide the brand, systems, services and rules that help make electronic payments between millions of European consumers, retailers and businesses and governments happen. What we don’t do is issue Visa cards ourselves – this is done by our members.

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Working with cardholders

Our range of cards offers cardholders three ways to make fast, secure payments.

  • Pay now: Debit cards that link directly to cardholders’ bank accounts and offer easy and convenient access to their money
  • Pay later: Credit cards that give cardholders what they want: flexibility, convenience and control
  • Prepaid: Prepaid cards that offer the convenience and security of a Visa card along with the ability to control the amount that cardholders spend.


Innovation is fundamental to our approach. For example, we’ve developed Visa payWave, a contactless way of paying for low-value items. Transactions can be made in less than a second, without the need for a PIN, making Visa payments even faster and more convenient.

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Visa Europe Annual Report 2013

Enabling new commerce and delivering growth

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