Our fees

It's our members that pay fees to Visa, not cardholders or retailers. These fees generally reflect the extent to which each member uses our products and services.

We use a sliding scale, so cost per unit falls as transaction volume increases. The main fees are:

Card service fees: determined by the number of cards issued and the extent to which they are used.

Data processing fees: determined by each member's connections to the VisaNet processing system and the extent to which the system is used.

Multi-currency fees: determined by the extent to which European Visa cards are used outside the Visa Europe region.


Interchange is the fee typically paid by the retailer's bank to the cardholder's bank every time a Visa card is used.

For credit cards, the fee is generally a small percentage of the value of the transaction; for debit cards, it is usually a small flat fee. Interchange fee levels also vary depending on the type of card, its associated risk, and the country where the transaction takes place.

Interchange fees lower overall costs by helping banks to share the costs of issuing Visa cards and signing up retailers to accept Visa.

Intra Visa Europe interchange fees - European Economic Area (EEA)

Rates applicable to Visa Europe transactions where both the Card is issued and the Merchant Outlet is located within the European Economic Area.

EEA interchange fees (PDF)

Intra Visa Europe interchange fees - non-EEA

Rates applicable to Visa Europe Transactions where either or both the Card is issued and/or the Merchant Outlet is located within the Visa Europe Territory but outside the European Economic Area.

Non-EEA interchange fees (PDF)

Interchange fees by country

Select a country below to view the relevant interchange reimbursement fees:

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